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Personal Profile

Manfred Wader, who was born in 1956, literally grew up in the toy industry as a child. In fact, his father began making toys the same year Manfred was born – in 1956. Hence, the younger Wader experienced the evolution of the company from moderate beginnings into an industrial operation with two manufacturing sites and high shelf system logistics on a daily basis.

After completing his apprenticeship, Manfred Water joined the family business himself and strengthened the brand through its internationalization and creative product ideas.

Whether it was the Garage No. 1, the popular Basics or ride-ons and motorcycles – whatever Manfred Wader developed was a success. Millions of children and parents all over the world, who appreciate good quality, were and are still very enthusiastic about these products.

The economic turbulences that followed the global financial crisis also had an impact on Wader Toys. As a consequence, the company was compelled to apply for insolvency protection. In 2012, the company was sold. – Based on his experience gained over more than three decades in the toy industry,

Manfred Wader is now consulting international toy companies in their business development and expansion activities in Germany, Western Europe and beyond.